iOS 9 review!

Monday, September 28, 2015

On September 16, Apple introduced iOS 9. I've been testing it it for more than a week now on my iPhone 5s,  And I am ready to give you my honest review of it.


The company says it’s improved efficiency and performance. The big thing, though, is battery life. Apple says, that you can get up to 1 hour of extra battery life. Also, Low power mode was introduced, that the company said, could give extra 3 hours of battery life. Though in my situation, it wasn't close to that at all.. In day to day use I didn't feel a difference, and when I turned Low Powered mode, I've got about plus hour of juice. That's a nice improvement, still. Also, 3D touch was introduced. That enables things like pressing an app icon harder to get extra shortcuts or things like "Peek & Pop" to preview an email before opening it fully. Now, 3D touch can't save you much time, but as more and more apps get to support it, we may see some interesting uses of it. Also, Siri now is way more intelligent than ever, it can search a wider range of topics for a wider range of answers, it can give you suggestions before you event ask! It understands you more accurately and gives answers faster. And FINALLY, long awaited multitasking features were introduced for iPads (sadly, only newer ones). Unfortunately, only native apps support this feature right now, but we expect developers take advantage of that.


Apple introduced new San Francisco font with apple watch and now it came to ios devices with ios 9.0. Also, the updated has an updates keyboard with distinct uppercase and lowercase characters. Moreover Apple redesigned recent apps switcher. It looks prettier, but I think, that last version was easier and much faster. It feels like it was only designed for Apple 6s that lets you switch between apps using 3D touch. In addition to that, back button was introduced. It appears on left top corner of your screen when you've pressed link or notification while using other app. Still, I'd say Apple needs to work with the design of it, since is just a line of text. And finally, notification center groups alerts by time and date (not by app, anymore), though it still lacks the clear all button. 

Final verdict

iOS 9- is just a small step into future of  iOS.  It hasn't changed that much, mostly on the performance and battery life. And the major feature- 3D touch is more of a future thing, and though it isn't that useful right now, it's definitely a nice feature to add. It has some tweaks, that we've been waiting for quite some time, so you shouldn't hesitate about updating.

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