What to expect from Google announcement this week?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

As every year, in fall, Google holds it's event. This year is September (pretty early, huh?). Let's check what they are planning to show us.

  TWO NEXUS PHONES (yes, as strange as it is, this year, two nexuses are coming)

Nexus 5x

Following an extremely successful two year old Nexus 5, Google plans to renew this smaller form factor lineup. They decided to stick with LG, who didn't let them down two ears ago.

Most of things, that were leaked out about the Nexus 5X have come from around the web. Most of the information had been spread by Android police . 

   1. A slightly bigger display

The new Nexus is likely to feature a 5.2-inch display full HD (1080p) panel. The lower display resolution will probably cut back power consumption and keep the system running more smoothly. It's only speculation, but maybe Google is taking battery life seriously this time? If they'll choose modern LCD screen, it should look good. Or maybe they are building a trick IPS LCD display? We'll learn the truth shortly.
    2.  Battery

Speaking about battery life on  Nexus 5x, it will feature a 2700mAh pack. This may sound tiny, keep in mind that 2013 Nexus 5, had only a 2300mAh battery. Also, considering that Galaxy s6 packs a 2550mAh battery, this should be able to get you full day. Also, the new Nexus, will have a USB C type port (this may only be a USB 2.0 configuration).

  3. Camera

This phone is reported to have a 12.3 MP camera on the back, and 5 MP up front.

 4. Major specifications

Nexus 5x will reportedly have a Snapdragon 808 inside, but it will only have two high-powered A57 processing cores, instead of four, found in 810. This will be paired with 3 GB of RAM.

5. Pricing and storage

The phone will come in 16 and 32GB models only. It will also come in three colors: black, white, and blue. Unfortunately there are no leaks about pricing of the device sowe don't know excactly how much it will cost, other than to say it's likely it will be at a sub-flagship level. Does that mean $300? $400? $500? Who knows.

Nexus 6p

Following not that successful Motorola's giant Nexus 6, released last year, Google plans to update it's lineup with another big phone that's made by Huawei. 

   1. Screen

The new Nexus is reported to have a 5.7- inch 1440p display. From the leaked photos you can tell, that the front is pretty unremarkable, although the top and bottom bezels are finally symmetrical. You can also see, what looks like to be the front-facing speakers.

   2. Battery

The internet doesn't seem to know anything, accept form USB type C port for charging and data transfer.

   3. Camera

We don't know a thing for sure, but from leaked images, that show a protruding top of the phone were camera is, we expect to see a beast.

   4. Major specifications

Nexus 6p is reported to have a Snapdragon 810, maybe 4GB of RAM. This seams to be a BEAST.

   5. Pricing and storage 

There will be 32GB, 64 GB and 128 GB storage options. It will come in black, white, silver and gold. The pricing is still unknown.

 The Second-Generation Chromecast Is Coming!

With Spotify Support, Better WiFi, And "Fast Play" In Tow

Android Marshmallow 

This was already announced in May, but it should finally be out next week, We aren't expecting Google to unveil any new features. There will be an improved app permissions system, better battery management, and lots of smaller refinements like fixing copy and paste.

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