3 biggest things that happened in Tech world this week (October 5 - October 11)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Microsoft Event

Microsoft an held event this week, and they have had some cool stuff announced. Firstly, two Lumia flagships: 950 ($549)and 950XL ($649). Both feature high-end specs, pack 20MP cameras and run Microsoft newest OS Windows 10 mobile. The only difference is design of the back of the phones and screen size. 950 features 5'2-inch display and XL model- 5'7-inch. Also, there was one more smartphone unveiled- Lumia 550.  It is a budget Windows smartphone for only $136. Also, Microsoft introduced Display Dock. You can plug your Lumia phone that runs windows 10 and has USB type C port into it, then connect the dock to a display. It transforms your phone into a PC! The interface scales up from the phone and looks like a Windows 10 desktop. It isn't full desktop experience, but it is clear what they will try to deliver in future. Microsoft introduced Surface Pro 4, what's essentially is much improved last gen. surface and Surface Book- Microsoft first take on laptop. It's a Surface version of laptop, that can be easily converted to a tablet. It has 13.5-inch display with 12 hour battery life. 

The best podcast app available on iPhone is now free

"Overcast" is long considered to be the absolute best podcast app on iOS. Earlier, you had to pay $5, but now, you can get it absolutely free and make listening more enjoyable with handy features like voice boost and smart speed. Make sure to try it!

Photos of HTC A9 leaked

The device pictured is a "dummy" unit for display use in AT&T stores, but the photos definitely tell enough to confirm that the One A9 is following in the footsteps of the iPhone 6. The photos also reveal that HTC is changing its priorities a bit this time around. The front-facing stereo BoomSound speakers are gone, which is a shame, because they were great. They're replaced by those little speaker holes on the bottom edge of the device. Instead, the fingerprint sensor is now on the front, which seems like a better place for it.

source: theverge.com

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