What's on my phone? (October 2015)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Phones these days, can be a major distraction, but at the same time a very powerful tool. It is really hard to manage your home screen to so it would be easy to use, but at the same time, not so distracting. Then you face another difficulty: is this app worth my money? I've had this setup for last month and I am pretty happy with my choice, so I decided to share that with you all. 

Four most-used apps at the bottom

Here I have "Safari", "Phone", "Messages" and "Drafts" 0,99 , which is an app, that solved all my note taking problems. You open it, and can immediately type and save it later to Evernote or other apps like Twitter and Facebook. THIS IS MY MUST HAVE! It's worth every penny!

First screen

There are mostly already built-in apps, but you might wonder why I have two calendar apps. This is because Apple-made is only being use as a widget, like an easier and quicker way to see date and Google calendar is my main one, as I like being able to quickly see upcoming events without needing to select a specific date. Also I have Outlook as my mail client. I constantly switch between Google Inbox (since I have an invite), but love the simplicity of Outlook.

Second screen

Mostly, is only folders in here. In Extras folder I keep already built-in apps that I never use. I only have two games, because I'm not a fan of mobile gaming, and since I don't want them to be a distraction I keep them separately. My games are "Monument valley" for 3,99  and"Minecraft" for 6,99 . In my Social  folder I keep "Facebook", "Snapchat" and "Messenger". Also I have separate folder for all things for my blog, where I keep "Blogger" and "Twitter" (make sure to follow me @MouthfulOfTech ). And the most important thing here is Productivity folder. Here I keep my go to note taking app "Evernote", "Evernote scannable", "2 Do" 14,99 € to manage all my taskts, "Google photos" for automatically backing up my photos at Drive, my school diary client "TAMO" and money worth app "Forest" 0,99 , which essentially is a timer for studying, which keeps you engaged, and doesn't let you close the app. Also, on this page I have bus real-time timetable "Trafi", "Spotify", "Youtube" and "Overcast" for best podcast listening experience available.

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