Ditching headphone jack on the iPhone 7

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ditching headphone jack on the iPhone 7

The past few weeks we’ve heard all kinds of rumours surrounding Apple and of course it’s upcoming flagship iPhone 7. Ever since the iPhone was released first, back in June, 2007, there was a trend of slimming the new flagship, and I guess, this year isn’t going to be an exception. Apple is a company, that is not afraid of trying to implement new technology, that at first, may seem inconvenient and absolutely unnecessary, in order to slim the gadgets down. They replaced old and bulky charging cable found on iPhone 4 with lightning cable, they didn’t include a CD reader in macbook’s, their Macbook doesn’t have a USB port, only a single USB-C port used both for data transfer (that almost nobody uses with type C) and charging. But all of these sacrifices they have made, actually, have led to faster technology growth and to other companies not being afraid to use it and they actually made things more simpler and easier.

Numbers of sources report that the new iPhone 7 will not have a 3.5 mm audio jack. Headphones will connect through the same lightning port, that is used for charging. What that basically means, is that none of your non-wireless pair of headphones will not work with this phone. Unless, of course, you’ll buy an adapter, which I’m sure they will sell, since there is only one set headphones that uses lighting to connect to a device (and they costs 300 dollars). So the headphones that you have right now, will become mostly useless, since smartphone is a most frequently used device fro listening to the music.

As not surprising as it is, I think that almost everyone would rather have a bit thicker phone than Apple want to deliver (if, of course, you consider iPhone 6s thick). Then it would have a much needed 3.5 mm jack and a bigger battery. Though, the truth is, that this audio output type will inevitably be gone in a few years because of it’s bulky dimensions. It’s just that the timing is bad. In a year, if there was more than a single set of headphones that can connect through lightning port, ditching the 3.5 mm jack would not be as inconvenient as now. I think that the decision of not including it may be troublesome, but it is a step that is necessary in order to move this industry even further and to improve what we have now.

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